JuliaPro with VS Code?

With the IDE focus now mostly on VS Code, as opposed to Atom/Juno, will future versions of Julia Pro ship with VS Code instead?

JuliaPro will remain as is for the near future. We’re not sure what will happen in the longer term. It’s still being considered. One thing to keep in mind is that unlike Atom, VSCode is not fully open source, and cannot be redistributed in the same way.


Isn’t it without Microsoft’s added features (tracking, logo, etc)?
People may want to take a look at


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I know about vscodium. However, VSCodium will not run many first party extensions which are proprietary, such as the remote code extension. Also there is some uncertainty about whether VSCodium is even licensed to access the VSCode marketplace. So it’s not a real solution for most users, IMO.

Would you at least consider making a “How To” document that gives straight forward directions on how a user can configure JuliaPro to work with VSCode? This is not very straight forward.

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Agreed… this is what I’m looking for, so I can begin getting used to VSCode.

Or… someone who has already solved the problem could maybe post the ‘recipe’?