JuliaPro installation stuck when installing from China

I am posting for a friend who tried installing JuliaPro in mainland China. He said the installation got to the stage of copying files and the progress froze, getting nowhere for 2 hours before he shut it down.

His network speed should be pretty good. The only guess we have: maybe JuliaPro needs to download some packages from a US server which is blocked by the famous (or infamous :wink: ) Chinese national firewall?

He had installed Python and R on the same machine before without any problem, but all the packages they needed could be located on mirror servers in China. Are there mirror servers for Julia packages in China?

And is anybody experiencing same problem (or no problem at all) installing JuliaPro from mainland China?

Got more information from my friend, including a log file. It seems more strange as the installer did not seem to be downloading any package when being stuck.

The version being installed is JuliaPro_v0.5.1.1_build-43. The installer showed “Extract: Precompile_PyPlot_IJulia.jl… 100%”, then started “Copy to d:\JuliaPro-\Julia-0.5.1\etc\julia\Backup_juliarc.jl”, and then got stuck.

Unfortunately I cannot post the log file here as it’s not allowed, so I am only showing the first and last few lines in the file.

Output folder: d:\JuliaPro-\Julia-0.5.1
Extract: LICENSE.md... 100%
Extract: Uninstall.exe... 100%
Extract: julia.lnk... 100%
Output folder: d:\JuliaPro-\Python\python35.zip\xml\sax
Extract: __init__.pyc... 100%
Extract: _exceptions.pyc... 100%
Extract: expatreader.pyc... 100%
Extract: handler.pyc... 100%
Extract: saxutils.pyc... 100%
Extract: xmlreader.pyc... 100%
Output folder: d:\JuliaPro-\Python\python35.zip\xmlrpc
Extract: __init__.pyc... 100%
Extract: client.pyc... 100%
Extract: server.pyc... 100%
Output folder: d:\JuliaPro-\Python
Output folder: d:\JuliaPro-
Extract: Jupyter_addin_postinstall.bat... 100%
Extract: Precompile_PyPlot_IJulia.jl... 100%
Copy to d:\JuliaPro-\Julia-0.5.1\etc\julia\Backup_juliarc.jl

I get stuck in the same place in Australia,
so I don’t think it is a firewall thing.

There could be 2 reasons on why this issue occurs

  1. As a postinstall step, we launch a Julia process and run a postinstall script that’s written in Julia, the security system/settings on your computer might be blocking the installer from creating additional processes which could have lead to this issue.

  2. We found a bug in our postinstall script, our Postinstall script fails if system language uses a different character for Backslash. Example:- If “System Locale” language in Windows is set to “Korean” , then Backslash is represented by won currency symbol (₩).
    We are trying to resolve this issue, we will try our best to include a fix for this problem in our next major release of JuliaPro.

Thanks! I think 2 is the most likely reason since I am almost certain my friend is using Simplified Chinese as the default system language.

If you can send me a revised postinsatll script we can test it out for you in the Chinese environment.

Thanks again for a great product!

Same thing happening in India. I think, it’s most probably the security software.

Same problem for JuliaPro mainland China. however, it’s not the national firewall issue, I guess.