JuliaInXL installation error while building

Thank you for this wonderful language and the great support. I’d like to try JuliaInXL but during installation I receive the following error (Julia Pro 1.4.2., Windows 10, Office 365):

What can I do?

Looking at the error, is your proxy or firewall blocking downloads of .exe files by any chance? We need a binary installer to install the Excel bridging code.

Thanks for the quick reply. Whether I’m using a proxy or not seems to have no impact. Concerning the firewall, I don’t know - I didn’t specifically select this. Is the build in Windows Firewall having such an option? FWIW, the installation worked with v1.0.5-2 and I can use JuliaInXL in v1.4 now as well; however, building in v1.4 still doesn’t work.

Thanks for checking. We’ll investigate.

Any updates?
I’m having the same problem as well