JuliaMono displays different on Windows Notepad


I noticed a difference in how Γ_T is displayed on Julia Terminal (with JuliaMono font) vs. Windows Notepad (with JuliaMono font).

Julia Terminal

Windows Notepad

Do notice how the Γ is shorter in Notepad, and thus not the same height as T.

Any clues how to make them have the same height on Notepad?


I see the discrepancy only with font size 11. Other sizes look the same as in the terminal, which happens to display font size 11 correctly. HTH

I can’t think of anything which would make certain glyphs appear shorter than others depending on which application you’re using - that’s odd, even by Windows standards… :rofl:

If you want to investigate further, perhaps you could post some more screenshots of various sets of characters - and details of versions, etc - at GitHub - cormullion/juliamono: repository for JuliaMono, a monospaced font with reasonable Unicode support. - but, without a Windows machine to test, I might struggle to find a fix.

Thanks, I will. It does seem odd, but you know, computers xd

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