JuliaCon2018 workshops announced


Congrats to all the speakers! Very exciting stuff!


That looks really nice!
Will recordings of these workshops be available via YouTube after JuliaCon?


Clicking the links I get 404s, e.g.: http://juliacon.org/2018/2


How do you get to that link?


By clicking the workshop titles.


It’s all here: https://github.com/JuliaCon/juliacon.github.io/blob/master/_data/2018_talks_workshops.yml


I get a 404 with that link as well :rofl:


It moved, but by doing so the links here http://juliacon.org/2018/workshops.html now work.


The tutorials this year look absolutely amazing!!!
They are so good that I am seriously afraid whether some of them will be in parallel!!!

Can’t wait to flex my fingers with em!


There will be two tracks for the workshops, since we won’t have the time to run all eight sequentially in a single day.


Practical intro to metaprogramming
yesss finally ill actually be able to not write my own code anymore :smiley: