JuliaCon 2020 poster sessions

Hi, with JuliaCon essentially starting today, does anybody have some concrete info how the virtual poster sessions will be organized next week? What exactly should the poster presenters deliver for example?


Poster presenters needed to upload the posters already, so hopefully most have done so. They should also be present during one of the two scheduled poster sessions. Discussions about the posters will happen on Discord (instructions on joining the discord server will be sent to all registered attendees)


I haven’t received any further communication from JuliaCon after the confirmation of my presentation.
Lacking any communication, I assumed I will deliver my poster at the time of my presentation (next Friday evening) and have by now planned my time accordingly.

Can I contact somebody in particular to discuss this?

I’ve responded to your email to the organisers.

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Any info on the poster session? Will someone make a single topic per poster?