JuliaCon 2018

The organizers are pleased to announce that JuliaCon 2018 will take place at University College London over Aug 7-11 (the last day being the hackathon). This will be our first European venue, and we hope to get strong participation from developers and users worldwide.

Aside from notifying you to put this on your calendars, we’re also asking for volunteers from the community to help organize the event. We’d like to recruit chairs, vice-chairs, and/or volunteers for several different areas, including:

  • website (for publicity, application management, etc.)
  • fund-raising (to help keep ticket prices low and support travel for deserving applicants)
  • program committee (selection and organization of talks and posters)
  • outreach/diversity (recruitment, travel facilitation, policy, and support)
  • audio/video (organizing videography and posting of videos)
  • on-site management (registration, refreshments, facilities for hackathon, etc.)

Finally, we already have some thoughts about keynote speakers, but we are certain that members of the community will have good suggestions.

So, please email us at juliacon@googlegroups.com to step up for volunteer activities, suggest speakers, or participate in some other way in JuliaCon 2018!


Are there any 2018 Julia events that will be happening in the US?

If you mean a US JuliaCon, no, there will be only one JuliaCon in 2018. Nice chance to see London!


JuliaCon2018 is also looking for a media-relations chair, someone to help ensure that it gets the publicity it deserves! Email us at juliacon@googlegroups.com if you’re willing to help out.

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Is there a poster for JuliaCon 2018?

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