JuliaCon 2022 Tickets, Call for Proposals (CFP), and Community Prize Nominations

Dear people of Julia

the JuliaCon 2022 Call for Proposals (CfP) is now open as well as conference registration!

The JuliaCon 2022 organising team kindly invites you to submit proposals for talks, workshops, minisymposia, Birds of a Feather sessions for the upcoming JuliaCon conference, which will take place virtually from 27th till 29th of July, 2022. Note that workshops and minisymposia both will take place ahead of the main conference.

This year for the first time JuliaCon will be multilingual. If you wish to propose a session in your non-English native tongue go right ahead! More details on the CfP, which is also available in French, German, Spanish, Russian, Simplified Chinese or Portuguese :smile:. Thanks to all the volunteers for translations!

Please continue to the following site to make your submission: JuliaCon 2022 :: pretalx
and while you are at it, don’t for get to register for JuliaCon :wink:.

The submission deadline was 4th April 2022 is now 11th April 2022.

Similar to the previous years, we are also looking for nominations for the Julia Community Prize, in which a few people will win $1,000 and a certificate of accomplishment. Nominations should be for individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the Julia community, in code, documentation or community building.

Link to this year’s nomination form: https://forms.gle/Z4PjN24xHHnzTh3c8

Note that past winners cannot be selected again. Our past winners are:

Michael on behalf of the JuliaCon 2022 organising committee


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Looking forward to JuliaCon 2022!

I would just add that it would be nice if we could incorporate the suggestions shared last year on Slack about the types of talks and presentations that are “ideal”. (cc: @logankilpatrick)

Last year we had a bunch of technical talks without any Julia code, prepared without a general audience in mind, etc. Can we somehow make it more explicit for authors that we would like to see Julia code and basic examples instead of super advanced topics in Beamer slides that only the author can comprehend?


On the same line of thought, can we enforce some platform of presentation such as Pluto or Jupyter so that authors prepare their presentations with actual code and share as GitHub repos?

I know some presentations can’t be run live because of their expensive simulations on parallel machines, but these types of presentations could be accepted upon special requests to the review board?


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The CFP deadline is now just ~1 week away! Make sure to submit your JuliaCon 2022 proposal soon : )