Please check your ticket receipts if you are a speaker

Hello JuliaCon 2024 Speakers,

We are trying to obtain an estimate of the number of people attending JuliaCon 2024. Our records show that many confirmed speakers have not yet obtained a ticket to JuliaCon 2024.

Several hours ago we sent a communication asking JuliaCon 2024 speakers to check that they have also obtained a JuliaCon 2024 ticket. Please make sure that you have the receipt from for your ticket. If so, we thank you and look forward to seeing you at JuliaCon 2024. You may disregard that email communication.

To clarify, all JuliaCon 2024 speakers who will be attending conference require a ticket. This helps us to pay for the costs of the venue and catering. JuliaCon 2024 has more than 300 speakers, which is a very high participation rate for a conference of ~700 people. Unfortunately, we do not have the funding to provide a completely free ticket to speakers. Speakers should have received a discount access code and link to obtain a discounted ticket in the recent email.

If the cost of a ticket is prohibitively high for your finances, please ask us if you may qualify for student ticket rates. The student rates are half the price of a regular ticket, and we are selling these below the operational per-attendee cost of the conference to try to make the conference as accessible as possible.

Soon I will need to commit funds for the venue and catering. It is important that we have an accurate head count so that we can feed everyone at the conference without waste. We are planning to provide catering from 8 am to 5 pm during the conference at significant expense, more than in prior years.

Putting on JuliaCon 2024 is a large endeavor that has taken more than six months of planning. In this last month before the conference, we need your help in figuring how many attendees there will be. We are hoping for the largest JuliaCon to date. If you are planning to attend JuliaCon 2024, please obtain your JuliaCon 2024 as soon as possible, especially if you are a speaker, so we can plan appropriately.

Mark Kittisopikul, Ph.D.
Financial Chair, JuliaCon 2024


The emails with the ticket and the receipt are sent by NumFOCUS (just in case it you can’t find TicketTailor).

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