JuliaCon 2017: List of talks announced



Hi all! The list of talks for this year’s edition of JuliaCon is now online at http://juliacon.org/2017/talks.

I would like to extend my thanks to the JuliaCon Program Committee for all the hard work that went into this.
Also a big thanks to everyone who submitted a proposal! It was fantastic to see how diverse the community is and I hope that we managed to reflect that in the selected talks.


Can’t wait to see all those videos :slight_smile:


Even though I’m going, there’s going to be soooo many good talks, I’ll also have to depend on the videos to deal with scheduling conflicts.


Maybe we need an app (written in 100% Julia, of course), where attendees could rank the talks
(must see, would like to see, want to see if no conflicts), and then use JuMP to try to figure out a good schedule and (if there are different size rooms), which room should be used for which talk :slight_smile: