JuliaCon 2017: Schedule is now online!



It’s my pleasure to announce that the schedule for JuliaCon 2017 is now available online at http://juliacon.org/2017/schedule!

I am excited that we have so many great talks and it is a testimony towards the diversity of the Julia community!

I am looking forward to seeing many of you at JuliaCon and tickets are still available.


Is anything happening on Saturday the 24th? A hackathon maybe?


Thanks for spotting that. Saturday is indeed a hackathon!


The sched app from EventBrite is great also. The lineup looks great, and I felt the organization of which talks were at the same time was very good this year (much fewer cases where I wanted to clone myself to be in two talks at the same time compared to the last two JuliaCons)


Agreed, it was easy for me to go through the schedule and pick a track for myself! I’m very excited for the talks this year.