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@jekbradbury recently figured out how to run julia notebooks on colab (Julia on Google Colab: Free GPU-Accelerated Shareable Notebooks). The great feature of colab is the ease of sharing notebooks. I was wondering whether / how juliabox supported notebook sharing. A brief google search brought up two issues: Add Notebook Sharing · Issue #314 · JuliaCloud/JuliaBox · GitHub and Share Notebooks Feature Request · Issue #217 · JuliaCloud/JuliaBox · GitHub. The document https://media.readthedocs.org/pdf/juliaboxfaqs/latest/juliaboxfaqs.pdf claims that it can be done through Google docs but it is not very clear. What is the latest state of notebook sharing on juliabox? Can I just create a few notebooks and send a link to my students so they can play with them?


There are two options for notebook sharing on Juliabox.

One is to post your notebooks on a git server, and your students can sync the notebooks via the Juliabox Git Sync interface.

The second option is to use Google Drive. Store them on a google drive, and sync them to Juliabox. Your students will probably have to login to google again, and you can limit which users get access.

I was looking for something like this too. As a student I want to share my notebooks with my teacher, as part of my assignments. I’m not comfortable with having him go through instructions for logging in and syncing. I’m looking for something like Binder (but with support for Julia kernels) where I can just pass the URL and be done with it.

You can use binder with Julia. You “just” need to specify a suitable docker image. @andreasnoack had one working at some point I believe.

Maybe the following (untested):

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nextjournal primary use case is to share your notebooks online and have them reproducible! When you publish them, it freezes your data and everything you installed in a docker container :wink: People can then just “remix” the published notebooks, and will get exactly the same environment!
Right now, just like google colab, you also have gpu’s available, but nextjournal treats Julia as a first class citizen :slight_smile: You can also import IJulia notebooks and markdown files, so it should be easy to get started if you already have lots of notebooks.
It’s fairly mature by now, but still closed beta, so you’ll need a signup code: julia1.0 should be a valid one!


Nextjournal looks great, just signed up with them, thanks for sharing!

Thanks - for me, it just hangs, it won’t launch the binder.

Update 1:

Oh no, it took a while but it finally loaded!

Seems to work great despite the fact that sadly it’s running Julia 0.6.