Julia Online Notebook

On my way to learn Julia, instructors referred to JuliaBox several times. After searching about it I realized it has now been changed to JuliaHub. If I’m wrong, correct me. I logged in to JuliaHub with my Google account but realized that I had to pay to use a notebook or IDE.
There are currently free options for Jupyter notebooks with Python kernel, such as:

Is there such an official free online notebook for Julia or not? Solution other than hacking Google Colab to use Julia in it such as this Julia on Google Colab: Free GPU-Accelerated Shareable Notebooks.

There is https://mybinder.org/ (see GitHub - binder-examples/demo-julia), https://repl.it/languages/julia, and https://nextjournal.com/.


As discussed here, Julia Box is discontinued, but there are a lot of alternatives.

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There is also Pluto.jl in Binder: