JuliaBox v2 - will sync ability be added back?



I’m currently building lessons using Julia, hosted on github as Jupyter notebooks. It was very simple for learners to log into JuliaBox, and sync the repo: the lessons would show up in the folders, and could be updated.

Now, with the version hosted on Azure, I’m not so sure. Learners would need to download the lessons, then upload them again, which is much less user friendly (and I target very novice people).

What do you suggest as an alternative way to get notebooks into the juliabox now? I realize my use case may be very niche, but I’m a bit at a loss about what to do.


Yeah, we hope to get that facility back in the not too distant future. For the moment, open up a terminal ([New/Termimal] on the jupyter menu), and do this:

cd /home/jrun
git clone https://github.com/yourname/YourProject.git
cp -R /home/jrun/YourProject /mnt/juliabox


Sweet, thanks!


Hey Avik,

It looks like the github sync functionality is back up! I want to push changes in juliabox to the github repo as well, so I went ahead and added my juliabox ssh key to the github repo. Now when I paste the ssh key from github that has this format:


I get: Please enter a valid url

Also, when I try


I get the same error. Any ideas?


Hi Josh,

Unfortunately, sync is only one way for you. We do not support push, since doing that safely requires the ability to merge branches, and we’re not sure how that user interface will look on juliabox.

The surface issue you are seeing is that we currently only support https:// url’s. That is due to overtly strict validation, which will be fixed soon. However, even when we support ssh urls, we will not support push for the moment.




I am stil having an issue with sync in Juliabox. If I try to sync the URL https://github.com/stevengj/18S096
I get the message ''Please enter a valid URL" . I have uploaded my Juliabox ssh key