Julia Version Manager - Announce / Feedback


Hey there, I have worked in a tool to control julia version in a easy way. It allow you to switch between julia versions in a easy way, so if you’re running a script in Julia v 0.3.7 but you wanna try the features from 0.6.0-pre.alpha you can switch between these versions with only one command, and after you have done you can come back to 0.3.7 version again.

HERE IS THE REPO and everyone is pretty welcome to contribute. If you haven’t the bash/shell knowledge issues are welcome too.

It’s only disponible for 64 bits arch, but I plan do it work on OSx in a near future. In a future I planning allow the package migration too, so you will not need reinstall all your current packages, the tool will make it for you.

feedback are welcome, for the things already are done and new ones.

Julia Version Manager - Updated

Please add a license file (eg. MIT) so that people can use the code.


How does it handle different package versions?


If you install version 0.4.0 and run Package.add in packages x,y and z it will only be available to the 0.4.0 version, if you switch for 0.5.0 version you will not see these package unless you run it again. So the packages are not global.

About the versions, if you install and switch for julia versions 0.3.12:
juliavm install 0.3.12
and install the version 0.4.2 of Dataframes package and after, switch julia to version 0.5.1:
juliavm use 0.5.1 which already have the package Dataframes and make a Pkg.update() it only will update the packages from current version (0.5.1 in this case), the packages from versions 0.3.12 (and all other installed julia versions) will not update.

UPDATE: Because the way julia store the packages they are shared between the major version: So all your packages installed in 0.3.n will be available in all 0.3.x other versions but not in 0.4.x, 0.5.x, 0.6.x …


Thanks for remember me, It’s done.


Updating status:

New release with uninstall command and supporting unix 32 bits architecture.