Julia Version Manager - Updated

Hey there,

some time ago I announced Julia Version Manager, if you didn’t saw, you can read it here.

I have worked on it and added some new features in the last releases, focused on a better script compatibility. You can check it here. It only works on Julia for Linux at moment, but the next version should handle with Osx mode.

You can found Julia Version Manager here.

Feedbacks are always welcome.


That’s great news - long time user of rvm and rbenv here. A similar jvm system will help a lot when hosting multiple production apps on the same server - I can still remember the problems hosting Rails apps before rvm.

Unfortunately, I don’t use Linux much but I’m looking forward to trying the macOS version.

Hey there, thanks for your reply.

Yeah, the idea came from a very similar situation, I’m working on the mac version, and will launch ASAP.

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Mac version has not come yet?

if it hasn’t then you can use my fork

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I’m Interested. Where is the repo?

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Thanks! I’ll check it :slight_smile: