Julia 0.7.0-beta2, the second 0.7 beta, is now available

We are pleased to announce the release of Julia v0.7.0-beta2, the second beta release for Julia 0.7. Binaries are available for the usual suspects: Linux (i686, x86-64, ARMv7), Windows (32-, 64-bit), FreeBSD (x86-64), and macOS. You can get them now at Download Julia in the “upcoming release” section. You can view the Julia 0.7 release notes here (includes all 0.7 changes) and the list of commits included since 0.7-beta here.

Just like 0.7-alpha and 0.7-beta before it, 0.7-beta2 is a prerelease and should not be considered production-ready. It’s intended to give developers a chance to get a feel for what a 0.7 release will look like, start getting their code up to date, and test for issues. Most users should continue to use the latest release, 0.6.4, until 0.7.0 is fully released. Please report any issues you come across at Issues · JuliaLang/julia · GitHub.

Package authors! Want to support 0.7? Now is a good time to start if you haven’t already. You may even want to consider participating in the community-wide Upgradathon each Friday. If you test your packages with Travis CI, note that starting now, specifying 0.7 in the Travis matrix will download and use 0.7.0-beta2. Also note that 0.7 and nightly are not equivalent; it’s best to test on both.

Julia 0.7 is shaping up to be a great release, so we hope you’ll give this second beta version a try. Happy coding!


Thank you all committers!

I’m very happy because an issue where some packages would compile unbelievably slowly seems to be fixed. Out of curiosity, any idea what it was that might have solved that?

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Indeed it is much faster now.
Also I noted that even mean was moved out of Base now, which was somewhat of a surprise, but so’ll be it.

WARNING: Base.mean is deprecated: it has been moved to the standard library package `Statistics`.
Add `using Statistics` to your imports.

I thought basic stats stuff was getting moved back into Base. What happened?

It got moved into stdlib/Statistics.