Julia v1.6.4 has been released

Julia version 1.6.4, the fourth patch release in the 1.6 series of releases, is now available. You can get binaries for glibc Linux (i686, x86-64, AArch64, ARMv7), musl Linux (x86-64), FreeBSD (x86-64), macOS (x86-64), and Windows (32-, 64-bit) at https://julialang.org/downloads.

As a patch release, 1.6.4 contains no new features or breaking changes, only bug fixes, documentation improvements, and performance improvements. You can see the list of commits included since 1.6.3 here. We recommend anyone currently using 1.6 versions upgrade to 1.6.4.

Note that 1.6 on Travis, AppVeyor, Cirrus, and (soon) GitHub Actions now refers to 1.6.4.



Just tried. This version still does not fix the package adding github URL issue, right?

julia> versioninfo()
Julia Version 1.6.4
Commit 35f0c911f4 (2021-11-19 03:54 UTC)
Platform Info:
  OS: macOS (x86_64-apple-darwin19.5.0)
  CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8850H CPU @ 2.60GHz
  LIBM: libopenlibm
  LLVM: libLLVM-11.0.1 (ORCJIT, skylake)

(test) pkg> add https://github.com/liuyxpp/PolymerArchitecture.jl
     Cloning git-repo `https://github.com/liuyxpp/PolymerArchitecture.jl`
dyld[56083]: missing symbol called

signal (6): Abort trap: 6
in expression starting at none:0

These is no known issue about that on 1.6.4. Could you open an issue, perhaps referencing to an older one if this was an issue on 1.6.3 as well.


Under which circumstances do you observe this? I’m on macOS as well and for me adding a github repo works just fine in 1.6.* (can’t try yours because it seems to be private).

(Sorry, I guess that should go into the issue on github when it exists.)

I’d like to point to this post I have created days before: How can I configure Pkg to use specific git. It now can be confirmed that the issue is different from that Error: curl_easy_setopt: 48 · Issue #149 · JuliaLang/Downloads.jl · GitHub.

Pkg.add local git repo also failed. However, I can Pkg.develop the local package. The issue is definitely related to my git.