Julia v0.7: performance regression with terminal printout and/or `UnicodePlots`

I verified this issue both on Windows 7 and Linux. Printout of a UnicodePlots plot is much slower with Julia Nightly than with Julia v0.6. Not sure if the issue is with terminal printout in general, or with UnicodePlots in particular. Run the following code to reproduce the issue:

using UnicodePlots
lineplot(1:100, 1:100)

Could be related to this?


I’m sure it was fast in 0.6.2, and if I remember correctly also in 0.6.3. Moreover it is fast now in 0.6.4. So I guess this is a separate issue.

Have you fixed all the deprecation warnings?

Try with https://github.com/Evizero/UnicodePlots.jl/pull/79.

Sorry I did not think that deprecations could be the cause, because UnicodePlot printing was slow not only at the first run (showing warnings) but also at the following ones.

I confirm that https://github.com/Evizero/UnicodePlots.jl/pull/79 fixes this issue.

The warnings for the deprecations are only shown once but the work they do (collecting backtraces to see if this warning has already been printed) happens every time.

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This. Deprecated functions are super slow all the time. Fix them and you’ll get your performance back. Or if you’re not going to fix them, turn them off entirely with julia —depwarn=no


Thanks for your hint and sorry for the false alarm.