PyPlot or Plots (Julia 1.3) vs. Plots in Pluto (Julia 1.6)

I am a high school teacher trying to get students to use Julia 1.3 on only has Julia 1.3, not 1.5 or newer.
As shown in the attachment, the plot code works in Julia 1.6 using Pluto.
The same code does not work in 1) provides a blank prompt with no errors 2) takes over a minute to finish compiling (any suggestions to speed up plot, when it does work…

 import Pkg
# using Pkg;
  using Plots,PyPlot,Random
  # using GR
 # using PlotlyBase
#plotly()  # or gr()
 x = 1:6;
 y = 1:6
 z = rand(1:10, 1000);
 #PyPlot.plot(1:10,z)  # did not work??

expecting to render images for us is unrealistic I would say.

I don’t know, so Jerry is probably right that rendering images might be an issue there. That said, you might want to look into which are reasonably fast and most importantly are directly printed to the terminal.

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Thank you for your Uniplot suggestion. It worked with color when I add the code in the terminal. See attachment.

Figure 1 - Using UnicodePlots in the Terminal which results in color plots.

But I could not achieve color output when creating expressions in main.jl with/without Colors/ColorScheme/Plots

Figure 2 - Using UnicodePlots in the GUI , which uses Julia 1.3

As a High School Teacher, the unicodePlots package is adequate. I do use Julia 1.6 on my classroom Windows 10 computers, but I can monitor progress and submissions from any remote computer with paid subscription. Thank you for your assistance.