[ANN] UnicodePlots.jl v1.0.0



Hello everyone!

I am happy to announce a major update to the UnicodePlots.jl code base.

Aside from finally having a proper, fully automated test-suite, the package also received a couple of new features as well as a graphical overhaul.

Changes include:

Here a couple of screenshots on macOS:


This must be one of my favourite julia packages, congrats and keep up the good work :wink:


Fastest plot package that ALWAYS works!


Going to put it into startup.jl config file. Would be really awesome if it has a colored image or imshow type of plot available also, to plot pixels of fractals like Fatou.jl.


This seems so nice! I did not know about it until now. Thanks for this!


This functionality is available in a separate package (because of dependencies)


Thanks, that’s useful! One other feature I noticed is missing: 2D parametric plots

Also polar plots are missing. These are just some ideas for what else can be done.


One of the Julia core team members actually suggested putting this in stdlib.

I agree with him.


It would be very, very nice to have a textual plotting system in stdlib! Many times I need to do some analysis in algorithms running at servers that I access through ssh. This package will be very handy!

IMHO, this package and StaticArrays.jl should be added to stdlib.


Really like this package! Fast and straightforward!


Awesome work! I cannot express enough the joy of making a histogram in console mode. :grinning::tada:


Thanks again so much for your work on this. The availability of log scaling makes this package much more useable to me.

It’s amazing how 95% of the time the unicode plots are more than adequate. Why bother with anything else? Well, I’m not going to.