Julia v0.7 causing Travis nightly build to fail

Recently my package’s nightly build on travis started to break.

// i.e. not my release builds, they still pass

I checked the logs and it seems to be because they now run v0.7 of Julia.

What’s the best way to prevent this?

  • do I change something in my REQUIRE file?
  • do I edit my .travis.yml file?

I find it good to test but ignore the failures on unreleased versions. This way you can track the changes, but aren’t tied to supporting them.




What if you have Documenter.jl hooked up to tests passing?

You can specify which OS / Julia version will be the one to run the Documenter build.

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Just set Documenter to use release for building. Honestly, that should be the default IMO


Is there a way in Travis to not say the whole build failed though?

Like I want a green checkmark on github.

Right now, this prevents other addons (like codecov) from displaying if a build fails.

See what I already linked above for how to ignore failures.

Sorry, got buried. Thanks man.

// added this code to .travis.yml:

  - julia: nightly
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