Travis, Documentation, Codecov: need a review?

Hi, I am new to Julia and TDD. I have created a new package in Julia. I have run the test locally. I can create the documentation locally with Documenter.jl. But I am not sure why

  • The build is failing
  • Where to add the code coverage stuff
  • How I should upload my document in github

If someone can have a review of the repository, thanks.

The Travis log shows here

ERROR: LoadError: MethodError: no method matching joinpath()
Closest candidates are:
  joinpath(::AbstractString) at path.jl:244
  joinpath(::AbstractString, ::AbstractString...) at path.jl:290

so that’s presumably the source of your build failure.

The Documenter.jl docs are quite good I think, so you should review those to see how to docs get build and deployed. If you can successfully build your documentation locally, there are only a small additional number of steps to get it to deploy during a CI build.