Travis CI configuration breaking changes

It seems that the Travis CI configuration had breaking changes recently


This change broke my Documenter build, since matrix and jobs are now the same alias.

To fix this, the matrix and jobs section in .travis.yml needs to be unified.

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I’m actually trying to resolve this issue today… is that any template that will allow the following?

  • custom test script (I need to set travis wait to 30min)
  • allowed failures
  • documentation

Right now, everything configurations I tried has only 2 of those 3! :confused:

@Balinus this is how I changed mine


Thanks! I’m gonna try inserting a custom test script. Hopefully, this will work!


edit - Removed config example -> did not work.

Yea this was actually tricky for me to figure out because the Travis builds themselves didn’t fail for me, but it never built docs.

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