Allowed failures on Travis v0.6 vs nightly


Regarding package testing, there was a discussion on slack on whether packages builds should be displayed as passing / failing, when the fail is due to the Julia nightly build (and thus issues often slightly unrelated to the package itself) .
What would the overall community prefer as the default?


Don’t allow failures on v0.7dev.


No package is expected to work on the nightlies. This is true enough that we changed the text next to the nightlies download button to say this. Why would we then expect tests to pass for packages on the nightlies?

So yes, of course you allow failures on v0.7dev. Otherwise almost every Julia package right now has technically “failing” builds, and many can’t even be fixed yet (for example, anything that uses popular libraries like StaticArrays.jl can’t have tests passing no matter how hard they try, unless they dig down into their dependency and fix that). It’s just not informative to have almost all packages in the ecosystem say “failing” because they are failing on a version of Julia that almost nobody is actually using packages with (and comes with a warning). It would just be irrelevant noise to users looking at the repo.

Instead, if you report how it’s doing on Julia’s released versions, then it tells users whether it should work on their computer. Isn’t that what the badge is for?