Julia No Longer Working In Atom

Hello. I am new to Julia and I have been using Atom for the last few months. Suddenly, I am unable to run any of my code and I am not sure why. I know Atom is being sunset on December 15th, but I assumed I would still be able to run my code as usual. Any tips?

using Random, Parameters, DataFrames, Optim, Distributions, StatFiles, LinearAlgebra

cd("C:/Users/mcket/OneDrive/Documents/Fall 2022/ECON899-Computational/899Code/JF_PS2")

##Bring in data
data = DataFrame(load("Mortgage_performance_data1.dta"))

y = data[!,"duration"]
##Set y as our outcome vector

y = Array(y)

ind = ["score_0", "rate_spread", "i_large_loan", "i_medium_loan", "i_refinance", "age_r", "cltv", "dti", "cu", "first_mort_r", "i_FHA", "i_open_year2", "i_open_year3", "i_open_year4", "i_open_year5"]
x = data[!,ind] ##
z = data[!,["score_0", "score_1", "score_2"]] #Set our z vector
insertcols!(x, 16, :const => 1) #add a constant
x = Matrix(x)
z = Matrix(z)
beta = zeros(size(x,2)) #I counted sixteen variables in the problem set, plus a constant
N= size(x,1)

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use VC Code, Atom is abandonware after Micro$oft bought out GitHub and basically killed Atom

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Yes, Atom doesn’t work reliably now, even before the official sunset time. One of the dependent packages must have changed, perhaps. Tips include:

  • show any error messages you see in your posts
  • provide a MWE (ie self-contained example) that others can test
  • list the output of package status command
  • revert all packages (including Atom/Jumo) to earlier working versions. Environments are useful for this, and for “fixing” package versions…
  • try the code in VS-Code (which isn’t so bad, for this former Atom user, at least).

Ah understood. Thanks.

Ah, okay. My code works fine in VS-Code so I think Ill just move there as that seems to be where everyone works. Thanks!