Julia Micro-Benchmarks graph

I have a question about the graph on https://julialang.org/benchmarks/

What is the vertical axis of this graph? What are its units?

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It’s time normalized to C’s time (that is why C is ==1). But it should say somewhere. Can you do a PR against: https://github.com/JuliaLang/www.julialang.org/blob/master/benchmarks.md ?


OK I see: it’s normalized to C’s time and therefore the y-axis has no units (other than “multiples of C’s time”).

Even so, it would’ve been nice to know that the y-axis is time-based. :slight_smile:

As a follow-up, when you download the CSV data from which the graph was made (https://julialang.org/assets/benchmarks/benchmarks.csv), the times given in that data are not normalized. So what are the units there, I wonder?

That is why I suggested a pull-request.

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