Julia Micro-Benchmarks graph

I have a question about the graph on https://julialang.org/benchmarks/

What is the vertical axis of this graph? What are its units?

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It’s time normalized to C’s time (that is why C is ==1). But it should say somewhere. Can you do a PR against: https://github.com/JuliaLang/www.julialang.org/blob/master/benchmarks.md ?


OK I see: it’s normalized to C’s time and therefore the y-axis has no units (other than “multiples of C’s time”).

Even so, it would’ve been nice to know that the y-axis is time-based. :slight_smile:

As a follow-up, when you download the CSV data from which the graph was made (https://julialang.org/assets/benchmarks/benchmarks.csv), the times given in that data are not normalized. So what are the units there, I wonder?

That is why I suggested a pull-request.


Indeed. But my point is: if I need to do a pull-request just to find out what the vertical axis on a graph is then, frankly, that’s really bad graph presentation! If such an oversight were somewhere other than the julialang.org website then I wouldn’t have raised the issue here on this forum.

You don’t have to do anything; it’s just a mistake, and someone needs to fix it. Today that someone is me: https://github.com/JuliaLang/www.julialang.org/pull/1102 Perhaps tomorrow it can be you!


You have to realize that pointing out a problem is in effect asking someone to do some work!

If you know what the problem and the solution are, and are troubled enough by it to want it changed, then you are probably the best candidate to do that work anyway.


Fair enough! :laughing:

I have to admit that embarrassingly it didn’t even occur to me that I could change what’s on the website via github. Sorry, next time I’ll be more proactive!


You have nothing to apologize for. I’d say that especially for a new user, this was handled fine. We hope that as they progress and learn, users get more comfortable and confident making PRs, but it’s never something that should be demanded of users.

That said, many people also have an attitude of “if it bothers you, then you should go fix it”, which is also fair and compatible with the above.


I could change what’s on the website via github

That’s what I tried to say here

But I should have been more explicit. In particular, for small edits, I usually do them straight in the web-page: just click the little pen (top right).