Julia in VScode SSH : I have no "julia.executablePath" in settings.json

Hi, I want to use Julia on VSCode through the extension RemoteSSH. Julia is well installed on the remote machine and I know the path of the executable.
When launching VSCode on the remote, I get the error message

Could not start the Julia language server. Make sure the `julia.executablePath` setting points to the Julia binary.

However, there is no julia.executablePath in the settings of my Julia extension (see picture, left), I don’t know why. I reinstalled the extension but with no improvement.

When I manually add this variable to settings.json as showned in the picture (right), it is greyed out and the path is still not recognized.

Could this be linked with the use of RemoteSSH ? On my local machine, the Julia extension has this julia.executablePath variable and I can set it without any problem.

What could I do ?

Picture illustrating the two phenomena:

If you didn’t set it, it will not appear in the settings.json file.
You can find it here:

And I think you need to set the complete path including the executable itself. Not only the path to the executable.

Hi, thank you for your answer but I had already checked this solution, and executablePath is nowhere to be found nor set in the extension settings, see pic below (it’s not below either).

Check the Remote tab at the top of your settings.

Ok. Thanks. Many thanks.