How to set the julia.executablePath in VS Code on MacOS-12?

I installed julia-1.6 and VS Code both in my Applications folder. Then I got the Julia extension from the VS Code Marketplace.
As this extension does not find my Julia installation automatically, I shoud set the julia.executablePath to point to the Julia executable.
However, this is not listed in the User Settings.

Does anybody know how in this case VS Code can find the Julia installation?

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There are extension specific settings:

I found the extension specific settings, thank you. What setting should I choose? Julia: Additional Args?
In what way should I edit?

Exactly that. It’s a few scrolls down
“Julia: Executable Path”

Sorry, I overlooked that. What do I have to do to install it?

“Set the path to the executable”, which means: enter the path to the julia executable into the free field at “Julia: Executable Path”.

I entered the path. What to do then? Just return didn’t help

I found the free field and entered the path to the julia executable:

But with I tried to run one of my codes, I got two messages.

First: “Variable ${workspaceFolder} can not be resolved. Please open a folder.” Link: Open ‘launch.json’

Second: “Cannot read property ‘file’ of undefined” Link: Open ‘launch.json’

I don’t know what to do when I open lauch.json, the options shown don’t mean anything to me.

Also, I’m not sure whether the path I entered is sufficient, or should there be something in front of /Applications ?

I can’t help here as I don’t have a MacOS to check or to try.

You can try to just comment out the lines which produces errors by putting // in front of the line. I think it isn’t a big problem if you just remove or rename launch.json so that it isn’t used, but I don’t know really. Some of my projects do have a launch.json, others not. So I am not sure here.