Julia in laboratory

Hi All,

have you tried to control the experiments (data acquisition and instrument control) in laboratory using GitHub - JaneliaSciComp/NIDAQ.jl: National Instruments Data Acquisition Interface together with some GUI interface? We would like to move from Labview to julia.

Is there any labview-like graphic programming tool for GUI interface for julia?

I would like to combine NIDAQ.jl with some modern web based technology like Stipple GitHub - GenieFramework/Stipple.jl: The reactive UI library for interactive data applications with pure Julia.

I have been converting much of our data acquisition software to Julia. I have written packages for acquiring pressure scanners:

To provide a somewhat common interface, I am developping the package AbstractDAQs https://github.com/pjsjipt/AbstractDAQs.jl.

In this abstract interface I am working on interfaces for saving data and configuration. I am also writing (for now very minimalist) a wrapper for NIDAQ.jl (GitHub - pjsjipt/DAQnidaqmx.jl: Julia package for interfacing NIDAQmx using the AbstractDAQs interface) using the interface given by AbstractDAQs.jl

I am also developing a package AbstractActuators.jl https://github.com/pjsjipt/AbstractActuators.jl that deals with output - Controlling a positioning system, and stuff like that. It is kind of messy and geared towards the systems we have.

This is all ongoing work but my intention is to write a generic interface for controlling experiments and a GUI. Still not sure what framework I am going to use but I was thinking about Gtk.jl

As I said I am in the process of writing and testing much of this. Very little documentation for now but this should change in the next few weeks.

I hope this helps