Data-exchange Julia-LabView

For an experiment I need for a Julia process to communicate with a LabView process and exchange data every few seconds (1-5 s). Since (I think) there is no package to directly bind Julia and LabView I was thinking of connecting both with a TCP-socket and exchange the data in a common format (maybe HDF5?).

Any suggestion is appreciated :grin:


Another possibility could be using Python as middleware via PyJulia. LabVIEW 2018+ supports some Python communication natively (however I tried it and somehow coudn’t get numpy). There is also Python Intergartion Toolkit from Enthought. I didn’t try it, but they have a 30-day eval version.

or JSON? - JSON is well supported by LV, I beleive.

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Thanks! JSON might be the simplest solution, I do think it is well supported on LabView.

I also thought on the python as intermediator, but that would be over-complicating it too far…

Take a look at TableView.jl, the lazy loading yields big performance gains that are non-trivial to work out. I think it works by writing JSON as an intermediary.

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How much data are you exchanging? Maybe a simple write/read to disk is enough, given the refresh rate in the order of seconds.

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I know next to nothing about ZeroMQ, but there exist Julia as well as LabVIEW binding for it.

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That was kind of the initial implementation: reading and writing CSV files. I just wanted to try a more “elegant” solution if I had to increase the data exchange rate.