Julia for electric utility regulatory intervention in Georgia (US state) for Integrated Resource Planning

I am seeking a Julia user who could help with the GenX software package. My goal is to work with a savvy user to develop an alternative Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) for an important Investor-Owned-Utility in the US Southeast. I know for a fact that their IRP process is flawed and I would like to remedy that. If you are interested in matching your Julia / GenX skills with my IRP skills, I would love to talk!

If this is a job advertisement, would you be able to share some more insight on what would be “in it” for interested folks?

P.S. Welcome to the Julia Community! :wave: Cool to see more Julians in Georgia! :smiley:

You may want to reach out directly to the GenX maintainers to see if they have any students looking for work. I’m not sure if any of them are active on Discourse, so email may be your best bet.

Thanks very much for the suggestion. It’s a good one and I’ll reach out. Cheers!

Not quite a job advertisement, though anyone with Integrated Resource Plan experience and regulatory experience can find good (read: lucrative) work in energy consulting. In this case, I guess I’m seeking a student who is looking for a modestly-funded side project.