Power Sector Model Researcher / Maintainer, Washington DC

Hello Julia community!

My team runs and maintains the E4ST.jl (Engineering, Economic, and Environmental Electricity Simulation Tool) model, which simultaneously optimizes investment decisions and environmental outcomes with respect to current power sector policies. We research the impacts of tech innovation and proposed legislation on the United States power sector and in turn the environment, health (via an integrated air pollution model), and economy. Day-to-day work includes developing the model, researching policies or technologies, gathering and cleaning data, writing reports, etc.

We are searching for two new full-time employees, one with the equivalent to a bachelor’s degree, and one with the equivalent to a master’s degree. Julia programming skills, particularly linear programming with JuMP.jl, are a huge plus. If the position interests, you, consider applying in the following links. We are looking to make a pretty quick hiring decision, so apply soon!



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