Energy Planning Optimization


Im currently starting my MEng thesis in chemical engineering with my focus on Energy Planning optimization for developing countries.
Im developing software to provide guidance for policy makers.
My supervisor is using python but I’m thinking about writing mine in julia.

What are some good resources for learning and directions I could go down.

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Take a look at - there’s a brief overview by one of the main developers in this Twitter thread:

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If you’re planning to use mathematical optimization, Julia and JuMP are great for this, and there is a wealth of experience and packages to draw on.

Some starters:


“Energy planning optimization” is a bit broad, so if you had more specifics on what you were planning to do, others might have more specific advice.


Here is the full description of the scope I’m trying to achieve.

Thanks all for the support. It makes a difference!

There were a few energy related talks at the recent JuMP-dev workshop:

As well as tools like

The EPOC Winter workshop also discussed a variety of Julia tools for modeling low carbon transitions