Julia-repl (Emacs) new release candidate - testers needed



julia-repl is an Emacs mode that provides a Julia REPL inside Emacs using ansi-term, allowing an integrated workflow with julia-emacs that supports debugging, colors, and everything that requires a terminal.

I have been working on a new release, with the following additional features:

  1. “clickable” error message locations,
  2. C-c C-b (send the whole buffer to the REPL) uses include by default (less clutter),
  3. all send commands (except C-c RET) now use bracketed paste mode.

Since I program in Emacs out of necessity, I would appreciate some testing from community members willing to help out before I tag this as a release. Just pull the latest master from the repo above, and provide feedback in this topic or open an issue.

(special thanks to @mauro3, who has helped a lot with testing and suggestions).


I would like to thank everyone who provided feedback. No new bug reports, so I tagged the current master as v0.1.0. If you are using MELPA, it should be updated automatically next time you upgrade your Emacs packages.