Julia discourse is preventing from posting a link

Looks like the Julia discourse is preventing me from linking to the web page I generated with Franklin.jl on my post in this thread: Deploying a website with Franklin

It claims my post is spam if I only include the link of to the website I’m trying to debug. If I exclude the link, it’s no longer spam.

This seems rather problematic, because now I can’t link to my website, which I am trying to debug since it is generated by Franklin.jl

Ironically, I now got spammed with 27 emails from Discourse about how I am spamming (even though I can’t post my link to debug my problem)

I rather dislike how my posts and issues get automatically treated as spam here.

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Looks like we somehow lost the whitelisting of github.com in our site settings — that’s part of what tripped this switch. I’ve re-enabled it and unflagged your posts… and I think you should be allowed to link to it now (although the moderator tools are a little opaque in this regard; let me know if that’s not true). The system can be a little overzealous in its auto flagging at times, but us moderators also get those emails and can address false positives like this (once we wake up).