Uh, today I had a "post need approval"

Wondering what triggered it. It was a normal post with a couple of links to Julia packages.

I hope I haven’t lost it :-/

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It’s approved, of course. Sorry an overzealous filter caught you out.



Quite strange, given that @sylvaticus has Trust Level 3.

Maybe a bug in Discourse… if it happens again to the same user, it might be worth opening a bug report with Discourse.

Also, maybe we can teach our spam filter that URLs that match something like this…


… are generally not spam. Since many Julia packages will match that regex.

yeah… I was wondering what has triggered the filter…

Yeah, we’ve long whitelisted all github links (and gitlab and julialang.org), and links themselves will only flag new posters. In this case, we had some old filters that were helpful for a time but aren’t needed anymore; I’ve removed them.