Julia Development cycle and release cycle

Hi there everyone, I’m relatively new to Julia programming language, and would just like to know how more on the the development cycle, and how the release cycle pool requests works?

How do the admins prioritize the tasks in which issues to fix first, and what are the certain requirements to commit to master repository etc.


Regarding the release process: Julia’s Release Process


Note that you don’t need commit access to contribute, just fork and make a PR, then it will be reviewed and merged (if applicable).

A lot of contributions come from people outside the core team.



for detailed instructions.


Thank you!!!

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It’s worth noting that we’re entering a feature-freeze (see 1.6 (Soft)-Feature Freeze: Nov 8th), but that’s not a reason to hold back from submitting improvements; it just might mean that some things will be merged with a bit of a delay. That said, anything you notice about problems in the upcoming 1.6 are great candidates for getting submitted ASAP.

Thanks in advance for your interest in contributing! Having many eyes on Julia really makes a difference, and newcomers often have a lot to contribute because of their fresh perspective.