Julia Copenhagen Meetup - 15th of August

The next Julia Copenhagen Meetup will be Tuesday the 15th of August at the new Niels Bohr Building.
More information to come, but save the date!


This time we will hear from Andreas Noack, Director of Engineering Research at PumasAI. Andreas will give a talk with the title “Pumas, a high performance pharmaceutical modeling and simulation platform”. In addition to PumasAI, Andreas is also Director of Research at JuliaHub.

For more information, please join at Meetup.com.


Is there any new meetup planned for 2023? Looking for a Julia community in Copenhagen. Do you know of any unofficial meetings, e.g. meeting in a cafe/bar to talk every month?

And is there any recording of Andreas Noack’s presentation online somewhere, did you record his talk?

We do not have any specific dates yet for the next meetup, but we are probably gonna have one again in the next few months. We try to have one every 4-6 months. You can follow our meetups here where we post all new events.

There are no un-official meetups, as far as I know. Well, even our “official” meetups are pretty unofficial :sweat_smile:

We did not record Andreas’ talk, but we should maybe look into doing that in the future.