Julia-client breaking bug in Atom 1.39.0

Hey guys, I just experienced this bug:


When I try to rebuild by installing from scratch, I get another bug:


Hope someone can help

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Found similar thread here:

It has a temporary solution if somebody needs it - I am just going to wait :slight_smile:

Happened to me as well. Simple and quick solution, without any cost for reverting it once it’s fixed:

You can just download the ZIP version (e.g. atom-windows.zip) of Atom from release 1.38.2, unzip it somehwere and run atom.exe. It will use your config (packages, settings, etc.) as a “native” installation, but not auto-update itself :wink:

And, once the problem is fixed, you can switch back to your actually installed Atom without re-installing anything.

The initial problem did really vanished.
But I still do not know how to get back the toolbar on the left, from which we can run a routine, open plots, open wokspace, etc. This toolbar disappeared. How can I get it back?

May be: Alt+Ctrl+T

It worked. Thank’s a lot.

Julia is a wonderful language, with tremendous potentialities. But will only achieve the status it deserves if it reaches the classroom in a widespread manner and in many scientific fields. For this to happen, a stable IDE is required, like what happens with Python and Matlab.

Atom was working perfectly well, I did not do anything apart from restarting my computer due to a Windows upgrading task. When I re-started Atom after that, it was a nightmare. I even uninstalled and reinstalled Atom, and did try in many different ways, but the problems did not go away. Only after finding the advice of Jonas Asprion and now Andrei Brobov I managed to have Atom working properly again.


That’s the problem with software that automatically updates itself – the Atom 1.38 → 1.39 update was very breaking for Juno, and finding a solution that works for all OSs wasn’t easy at all (especially with JuliaCon going on at the same time). In theory upgrading to julia-client 0.8.12-beta2 should’ve been enough to get Juno to work again though.

Anyways, thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience this caused.


For me personally it was quite interesting to see how much I actually depended on it - was a bit fun to try to do everything in the terminal, because I could see how much easier the Julia interface in Atom actually made programming.

Thanks for putting in extra work to get it fixed as fast as you could, under your circumstances and thanks for maintaining the interface.

Kind regards

Do you think the issue is fully solver for the Atom 1.39 version in all OS’s? Is the julia-client 0.8.12-beta2 a release that should probably not be considered beta anymore? I’ll appreciate any insight and thanks a lot for your work with Juno.

There have been reports of Atom crashes with that version on Macs (although I’m not 100% what’s at fault there), so no, I think we’ll keep it a beta for now :slight_smile:

Thank 's a lot for your clarification.