Atom Julia bug - Windows 10

Dear all,

today, my Atom editor automatically upgraded to version 1.39.1. As it discussed in the previous thread, Julia extension of Atom stopped working. I tried to install (according to previous thread) 1.38 version of Atom, however, it doesn’t work (Julia extension package still shows same error).

So, I want to ask whether somebody has concrete guidance for Windows 10 user.

Jan Žemlička

Have you updated julia-client to 0.8.12-beta2? This update should be availabe through the regular Atom package manager and should also solve the issues experienced since the 1.39 update.


Thanks, I will try it. Should I uninstall Atom editor and re-install it before (I’m using Julia version 1.1.1)?

No this should work out of the box without reinstallling Atom