Julia-based articles to JStatSoft

Does anyone have experience with submitting articles describing Julia packages to Journal of Statistical Software? I have tried some searches at https://www.jstatsoft.org but without luck.

Mostly I am interested in the mechanics of creating a paper, preferably using .jmd sources and weave/pandoc, using their LaTeX tools such as https://www.jstatsoft.org/public/journals/1/jss-article-rnw.zip. I have been looking for a pandoc template and discovered https://github.com/sachsmc/pandoc-journal-templates. That repository hasn’t been touched in about 5 years and I was hoping for something more up-to-date.

I must admit that I am a little taken aback that on the journal’s home page they suggest implementation language like Fortran and PHP or environments like S-PLUS and xlisp-stat, neither of which has been actively developed in over a decade and is likely not even available at this time, yet they make no mention of Julia.


I feel like this discussion was had over on Slack in #statistics a while ago (long eaten by the Slack memory hole) and I also feel like there was someone who did have experience with it - maybe ask there again?