Are there any journal publications of common Julia packages?

I have an idea for a Julia package I’d like to develop in conjunction with my thesis. Are there any examples of packages published in journals so I can see what the style of writing is?


And also:

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@affans All the registered Julia packages are listed here
IF you click on the package name you will be taken to the GitHub page with that package.
From GitHub you can download the source of the package and have a look at the style.

It doesn’t include all packages. PackageEvaluator.jl is actually unmaintained (developed it a while ago Iain Dunning) and being deprecated for a new system Keno is working on. For all the registered package names and repos, the way to get the answer is through cloning the registry you are interested in. However, it does not guarantee things such as, renamed packages (some are fine, others are not) / redirected repositories / deleted repositories, etc. A package being registered doesn’t necessarily mean it is production-ready, active, maintained, or even if it has an installable version for the current release.