A big thank you

I have been using Julia for four years now. I am about to submit my Ph.D. thesis in Physics. Julia was instrumental in getting two of my most important papers published:

  1. http://science.sciencemag.org/content/352/6287/795
  2. Large optical nonlinearity of nanoantennas coupled to an epsilon-near-zero material | Nature Photonics

So thanks to the many users and developers of Julia. I hope I can get the degree now :smiley:


How much do your publications use Julia? You might be able to put them on the publications page, which would be a nice way to give back to the community.

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Hey, I didn’t know about the publications page! How do we post our publications there? With a regular PR to https://github.com/JuliaLang/julialang.github.com/pulls? Will any scientific paper do?

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With an article in Nature, no doubt you’ll get your degree. Congrats!

Nature and Science! Well done Dr. Alam!


How do we post our publications there?

You should make a PR to this repo:

Will any scientific paper do?

According to the publications page:

The following is a list of publications about the Julia language, its standard library, Julia packages, and technical computing applications using code written in Julia.

Maybe someone with better inside knowledge can help you more than I can. I have put one of my own papers on the page, even though I am not a package author. In the paper, we described some numerical techniques, which we implemented in Julia. We provided the code as supplemental material and cited the Julia paper, the DiffEq paper and the JuMP paper. I think that if you just make a PR with your publications and briefly describe what you did, then someone will be able to let you know if your publications can be put on the page.

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