Works in Julia 1.1.0 but not in 1.1.1. Where to download older; 1.1.0 to confirm?

We’re looking into an issue, he says 1.1.0(rc2) worked. And 1.1.1 has failed for me (locally too):

Does anyone have 1.1.0 non-rc to check for us, or knows where to find?

[This is likely to be related to a (reported) segfault in 1.0.4. Might work in 1.0.3 or newer.]

You can change the download url to get to the other versions.
You can change the version 1.1.1 to 1.1.0
For example for the linux binaries, you would have the following:

Thanks, this helped find/download 1.1.0-rc2 which works without segfaulting (unlike all 1.0.x I tested), actually only version I’ve confirmed working. While 1.1.0 and later do not segfault, no released Julia version runs [EDIT: the package was updated to run on 1.1.0] the test suite, it seems, and not even Julia-1.3.0-alpha works.