Julia 1.0 and what learning resources are now relevant?

Since I starting learning Julia in January this year, I notice that language change very fast in comparison to other language that I using and can make some problem. For example, I once stuck in good tutorial from 2014 because name of 64 integers change from int64 to Int64, error pretty hard to find to me.

Introduction of Julia 1.0 means not only that a lot of code need to be changed and updated, but also many good and very good tutorials already slight outdated are even more outdated. Since Julia 1.0 was released at begin of JuliaCon 2018 I worried that even videos form it are outdated with respect to version 1.0.

So some problem arise. If someone starting now learning Julia which resource choose? Scares for 1.0 or one of many good for 0.x? And how to know which material is now obsolete? Manual still can be hard to grasp, especially for beginners.


The docs will be up to date. QuantEcon lectures for Julia are in the process of being updated. I think @ChrisRackauckas has some material he has updated as well.

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Mine needs updates. Coming soon (in movie voice)



I have finished porting ThinkPython to Julia. ThinkJulia is opensource and can be read online: https://benlauwens.github.io/ThinkJulia.jl/latest/book.html.
I have used it last semester as lecture notes for first year engineering student and the feedback was great…
The book will also be published by O’Reilly (publication date: January 2019).
Every modification of the code in the book is tested automatically for Julia v0.7.0 and v1.0.0.
All feedback is welcome (just open an issue on GitHub;).

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Your ThinkJulia link got dropped in the move from the old website (https://github.com/JuliaLang/www_old.julialang.org/blob/master/learning/index.md) to the new one. Perhaps a PR to put it back?

Now trending on HN: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=17785642