Julep: Taking Tetris Seriously

Good news, everyone. The Tetris Challenge is now live.



You have one month to vanquish your competition and rise to the top.

Lie, cheat or steal. Bot it up. Addy it out. Everything is fair game in this 42 level free-for-all.

The winner receives a $2.5k prize check as well as the love and respect of their peers.

The clock starts now. Now namaste and good luck!



Has anyone started trying to hack at it with:


When I read 1.0 is being released in three days I almost dropped my coffee. Then I looked at the calendar… I fall for this every year!


Hello Cleveland –

If you’re not too busy rushing to finish your JuliaCon proposals, you still have time to vanquish your foes and win the love and respect of your peers!

Currently "too easy" is at the top of the leaderboards and destined to claim their winnings. You have until the clock strikes midnight to overcome this arrogant oaf.

Do or do not, there is no try. The choice is yours and yours, alone.

It’s been a great April. This is your Grandmaster signing off.

– Real Jeff Goldblum

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