Is there any non-Chromium graphical REPL available?

I am switching from VSCode to Emacs+Revise.jl, and the only pain point I have not yet found a solution to is graphics in the REPL. In VSCode, images, plots, etc can be shown easily, but in the TUI REPL, even images are not displayed.

(A lot of newer terminals support both 24-bit colors and a specific protocol to show images, so this is just the REPL not invoking the necessary APIs. An old attempt is GitHub - m-j-w/TerminalGraphics.jl: True graphics for your Julia REPL , but it used libsixel which is old.)

Is there any native (non-Chromium) REPL frontends?

PS: I know the TUI REPL can open a canvas and draw on it, but this is not as uniform as having everything in the REPL itself. Also, makie made macOS hang the last time I tried it.

PPS: Even if there is no alternative, what’s my most lightweight Chromium-based option? E.g., can a Julia REPL run directly as a local site, instead of firing up the whole VSCode?

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these are not part of the Julia base REPL in any sense, VSCode people wrote stuff to bridge into their editor

qtconsole works decently well. You have to have IJulia loaded and install qtconsole separately, which is a bit of a pain. But it’s effective.

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Can you show me some screenshots?

Here is an example

Do you know how to force the plots to be displayed externally? I couldn’t find a way to zoom plots within qtconsole, so opening them in Chrome as HTML/SVG files is preferable. I tried popdisplay() to no effect.

Try ElectronDisplay.jl. Chromium based, but pretty lightweight.