Visual Studio Code terminal dies when creating plot

Sometimes the plots plot and sometimes the REPL simply dies. I think if I make the terminal display in the editor works.

The error message is pretty impenetrable:

The terminal process “julia ‘-i’, ‘–banner=no’, ‘–project=/Users/lewis/.julia/environments/v1.7’, ‘/Users/lewis/.vscode/extensions/julialang.language-julia-1.6.17/scripts/terminalserver/terminalserver.jl’, ‘/var/folders/9m/q4m1bq1972z9gqw3d7s9rqfh0000gn/T/vsc-jl-repl-64b6501f-1b89-4d6e-9b37-58a666664212’, ‘/var/folders/9m/q4m1bq1972z9gqw3d7s9rqfh0000gn/T/vsc-jl-cr-20f9c87f-7f61-48bf-9900-a1117df2c7a6’, ‘USE_REVISE=true’, ‘USE_PLOTPANE=true’, ‘USE_PROGRESS=true’, ‘DEBUG_MODE=false’” terminated with exit code: 139.

I don’t remember how to get the terminal containing the REPL into an editor. Too many commands in too many places…

This isn’t quite the solution, but once Julia has started the “magic” terminal that contains the REPL then I can drag into the editor tab bar and now it’s an “editor”.

Now, plots work.

  1. Why do plots fail when Julia starts the REPL in the so-called “action pane”? Can this be prevented?
  2. Is it possible to default to this mode?